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  • He is a creative and often unconventional thinker that focuses on the new opportunities waiting to be uncovered in life and not carrying around the unnecessary baggage that after time begins to accumulate, unless of course it is Louis Vuitton or Gucci occurring frequently in his choice luggage.

  • He is responsible for discovering new concepts that can be refined and developed into robust models to become new solutions for those seeking to enhance or innovate their current professional or personal activities.

  • He works actively on large scale initiatives that all have one thing in common, a core focus to empower, unlock potential and deliver for numerous people from all sectors of society.

  • He has previously worked for Parliamentary Services running a political Leaders office and has worked closely alongside numerous iwi, Māori leaders, foundations and philanthropists on initiatives ranging from Treaty of Waitangi educational projects to environmental strategies.



  • He has experienced his share of controversial moments either being behind, beside or at the centre of media events well documented.

  • He believes a life of regret is a life not worth living and encourages every individual with an opinion to never be shy of sharing their bluntness inner feelings.

  • He has more than a decade now, continued to be thought provoking, opinionated, and direct maintain his claim that nobody has a monopoly on being offended.


Jevan Goulter


  PO BOX 105168, Customs Street, Auckland 1010