Published on 9 August, 2020

Prime Minister's Matariki Announcement

Prime Minister's Matariki Announcement

PROUD or PISSED Towards PM's Matariki announcement


In thinking more about the PM’s latest election bribe to her constituency.

You might think people would see through another virtue signaling exercise.

Certainly, Māori will see It for what it is…. right…. Surely… eh? Yeea Naa Doubt it…..

After all, Labour with Jacinda at the helm were forgiven completely in what took just over a decade to reclaim the 7 Māori seats.


 ‘only if you should vote for me to the extent in which I should win’ is really what the PM said in explaining to the media that she believed now is the right time for this decision to be made and that it’s something she has believed in for some period of time.

I suppose waking up the morning before and mulling over the idea through the afternoon hoping to get some other spark of inspiration, would still count as ‘some period of time’.

It came with the explanation that Kiwis had asked for it and of course she would be pleased to deliver given her reinstatement to the 9th floor in the Beehive on Saturday 17 October.

I am happy to hear Matariki could become Aotearoa’s first Indigenous national holiday but not as excited by the circumstances under which it was suggested. Basically a bribe which makes it a bit disappointing, but no real surprises.

’Kiwis asked for this’ the PM said, which I find disingenuous for one specific reason being that I largely believe a certain chunk of the population in Aotearoa would not have an understanding about what the occasion is even centered around.

However, if what she was supposed to say is  ‘Māori have asked for this, and I have listened’      

then I would simply ask that she cast back her mind to last year when many Māori made a number of strong requests, pleading that she visit Ihumātao.  

Now on that particular occasion people may remember that the only thing delivered was herself and the baby as the Country’s only large ship set sail towards the Pacific islands, where Jacinda would spend a number of days with her father frolicking across the white sandy beaches to take care of any jungle fever that may have passed over her….

The reality is obviously Jacinda has used up all cash reserves to be utilized as gifts and I highly suspect the way in that her mind operates, there would be no cost on this National Public Holiday, that would move to prove the point she doesn’t acquire any of the economic skills that would be desired of somebody leading a Country.

Well she certainly will leave a legacy and one greater than Sir John Key by the significant impacting blow that has been dealt to our economy is not even started to crystalize.

Tourism is gone and replaced by Aotearoa becoming the International Covid 19 – Retreat for Foreigners not shy at taking a lucky dip on what hotel will become their home the first two weeks of their arrival.


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